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IT assets follow a life cycle. As time goes by, the cycle time gets progressively shortened due to the introduction of disruptive technologies that replace the incumbents. So you need to constantly watch out for the technology landscape and act fast, which is quite a challenge.

Typically, you will have two critical business technology decisions to make:

Maintain the status quo

You have deployed products in a non-mission critical function and intend to sunset or replace or consolidate the solution in the near future; then you have a strong business case to retain your Infrastructure “as is”. But there is cost involved in using an outdated product, its implications on daily operations, support functions, integration with other systems and ease of upgrade and migration in the future.

Or, Change

You want to replace your gears with cutting edge products; you want to know at what stage of life cycle a particular product is, before executing the change. Products in the early stage are costly and risky, but gives you that extra competitive edge. Products in mainstream stage are required to keep up with your industry necessities but not necessarily give you the edge. Products in laggard stage are approaching their end of life and are either not required or better alternatives exist.

So, there is no one ‘right’ way to make business technology decisions, unless you put it in a business context.
In either case above, you need to perform TCO analysis and make informed decision. SP Sysnet has done comprehensive TCO analysis for various customers about the ‘current’ Vs ‘future’ scenarios by taking into account critical Infrastructure KPIs. Take our advice in and keep your guess work out.

Deployment involves 2 stages:

  • Procurement
  • Implementation

We have procured and implemented solutions for some of your peers at the following organizations:

IT Service Provider IT Service Provider IT Service Provider
IT Service Provider IT Service Provider



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