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Reduce Downtime

Reduce IT Downtime

According to Dun & Bradstreet, 59% of Fortune 500 companies experience a minimum of 1.6 hrs downtime per week, which translates roughly to about USD 46 Million per year.

Infrastructure being the backbone of your organization can possibly cause single point of failure and can lead to lost revenue, productivity, reputation and loyalty. Technology stack in a mid-large organization is quite complex and can lead to ‘multiple’ single point of failures. Yet, to implement clustered, load balanced redundancy solutions can be expensive and make your infrastructure even more complex to operate. You need to strike a balance between business needs and Infrastructure cost & complexity.

Sometimes downtime is intentional due to IT needs such as application upgrades, database upgrades, patch rollout and so on. With the right combination of software development methodologies, change management procedure and technology upgrade, such downtimes can be minimized or even eliminated.

Organizations typically segregate their technology landscape into

  • mission critical
  • non-mission critical


and develop appropriate solutions to manage each category. Infra. Downtime is managed by,

IDC research says by upgrading your technologies, IT services and business processes, you can reduce annual downtime by as much as 85%. It also says,

  • Use of Virtualization software reduces server downtime by 10%
  • Adoption of best practices (ITIL, COBIT etc) reduces all downtime by 13% to 15%
  • Consistent use of management software reduces network and system downtime by 65%

After server virtualization, desktop virtualization is starting to go mainstream, which offers tremendous benefits and cost savings. The cost of managing these desktops shrinks and the speed at which these desktops can be created and deployed shrinks the cost even more.

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IT Service Provider IT Service Provider
IT Service Provider IT Service Provider

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