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IT Storage

Google says humans produced 5 Exabytes of data from the dawn of civilization until 2003. But now we produce the same amount of data in just 2 days. Why this sudden explosion after 2003 ? That’s when Internet started to become pervasive and increased the social interaction among humans. We started to share pictures, videos, send tweets, download apps, publish articles, play games, search more, discover more and share more. Additionally, we started to use several devices to create, share and consume content. And thus data explosion began.

For nearly 40 years, IT was dominated by relational databases that stored structured data, but now unstructured data has gained enormous significance. This data need to be processed to generate insights. And, this leads us to Big Data, the ability to consume petabytes of disk storage across thousands of individual server nodes using frameworks such as Hadoop and Massive Parallel Processing.

Storage technologies, apart from the old-fashioned data availability, integrity and recoverability, is expected to deliver on the following promises:


  • Data compression
    Real-time compression saves storage space, power, cooling needs and space
  • Data Deduplication
    Filter unnecessary redundant data and improves backup & recovery efficiency, saving power, cooling demands and physical space
  • Storage Virtualization
    Optimize disk utilization and reduce Admin tasks
  • Thin Provisioning
    Allocate storage only when required, and thus reduces storage capacity and operating cost
  • Automated Tiering
    Monitor disk performance and dynamically move data from Hard Disk Drives to Solid State Drives, to achieve efficiency in storage and reduction in data center energy needs

If you want to outweigh your competitors, you need to develop your edge, in the form of customer, market and operational insights. Anyone who can collect, store, process and generate advanced insights in real-time, can develop that extra edge. Do you have the right storage solution to accomplish such goals?

Our Storage Partners


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Storage technologies that we offer to our customers are NAS, DAS, SAN, iSCSI, SAN Controllers, SAN Switches, Tape backup drives, Tape libraries, Archival products, Disk backups and Backup software.


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