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End-User, Data Center Devices


“Computer processing power to double every two years” – Moore’s Law Computers have really come age. Ever since ENIAC weighing 27 tonnes and 1800 feet of physical space was....
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Telephony, VOIP, Telepresence, Webconference


You live in a highly connected world, and you are always on the move. The digital highway is the medium that connects your organization to the world around it.....
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IT Networking


Sooner or later your organization has to grapple with overwhelming amount of data, due to explosion of social media data, mobility, video delivery and high performance applications. Your IT....
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IT Security


Ponemon Institute and Symantec recently published a report saying, – ‘Negligence’ is responsible for 39% of all reported data breaches – Of which, 37% is due to malicious attacks....
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IT Storage


Google says humans produced 5 Exabytes of data from the dawn of civilization until 2003. But now we produce the same amount of data in just 2 days. Why....
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Data centre

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