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Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation

Buying cutting edge products is one; operating them to extract best value is another. Experts can help extract the best value for you.

In a typical technology stack found in an organization, there are several layers such as server, storage, network, security, computing etc. Numerous products from different vendors are deployed and integrated together to form the back-bone of your organization, on top of which your business is operating.

If you closely observe the above structure, you’ll see there is a need for expert in each layer of the stack, and within each layer, you’ll need an expert for products of every vendor. On top of it, you’ll need an expert who can manage complex IT projects and offer business consulting across the entire technology stack.

If you don’t have the strategic focus to build such a competent team in-house, then in this scenario, SP Sysnet’s value proposition is crystal clear.

Typically, organizations need experts,

  • For adhoc tasks
  • For projects
  • For long-term support oriented tasks

SP Sysnet offers a range of IT services that span the entire technology stack. We have built a highly competent team of people offering such services to our clients. You can hire the experts for adhoc, project or on-going support needs.


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