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Procure IT Products

IT Supplier

IDC’s business value research report says,

By upgrading Servers, Storage and Networking equipments, IT downtime can be reduced by as high as 50%
But, how do you come to know about cutting edge technology products to upgrade to, if your business is not in the technology supply chain space?

Typical challenges you will face with technology procurement are:

  • Vendor price optimization
  • Manufacturer rebate programs
  • Inventory management
  • Asset tagging & configuration
  • Supplier issue resolution

Lot of technology products, particularly the B2B Infrastructure products, doesn’t get enough media coverage to grab the attention of mainstream markets. These products are diffused into the markets via huge supply chain networks, not via branding exercises that are usually done for consumer products.

So, you need to be aware of what’s disrupting the market, how it will influence your infrastructure, is the new technology still in the early stage (hype or hope) of the product life cycle, is it a proven product and transitioning from early adopters to mainstream markets, is your IT an operational excellence tool or one that gives strategic competitive edge? Managing the above complexities is quite challenging if you are not directly involved in the technology supply chain market place.

SP Sysnet has been in this industry for nearly 10 years and can advice you on such matters and offer specialized procurement service that includes,

  • Product planning and forecasting
  • Vendor price optimization
  • Equipment disposal
  • Contracts management
  • Asset tagging and configuration
  • Renewal notification
  • Delivery management

Here below you’ll find some of your peers whom we have delivered state of the art technology products:

IT Supplier IT Supplier IT Supplier
IT Supplier IT Supplier



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