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Outsource Infrastructure Mgmt

Managed IT Services

As a business starts to grow to become mid and large size, it’s IT Infrastructure starts to get complicated. Then the management will have to strategically decide if it’s IT Infrastructure should be managed in-house or outsourced or have a combination of both. If outsource, what to outsource, what not to, to whom, whether to near shore or offshore, how to outsource and how to manage the service delivery, are some of the strategic questions to address. SP Sysnet has close to 10 years of experience in Infrastructure management and outsourcing.

IT Infrastructure management, unlike applications management is a high-touch service model, in which the service provider is typically expected to be present in the near shore closer to clients. SP Sysnet is headquartered in Singapore, and all its support services are rendered from Singapore, a location known for premium quality services in Asia.

With the recent emergence of cloud, the IT Departments are increasingly turning into IT service management departments by managing vendors who in turn deliver the necessary Infrastructure services.

So, apart from the old-fashioned cost benefit, Outsourcing Infrastructure mgmt brings efficiency in IT operations, streamlines business processes, increases business productivity, enables adoption of new technologies faster, and thus leading to improved bottom line results for your organization.

Here below you’ll find some of your peers whom we have delivered outsourced Infrastructure mgmt:

IT Service Provider IT Service Provider IT Service Provider IT Service Provider IT Service Provider



SP Sysnet addresses customers concerns in the following ways:

  • Past Experience: SP Sysnet has been in existence for close to 10 years, and we know the Infrastructure space quite well by working with SMEs to Enterprises
  • As a learning organization: Operational issues are bound to happen. Our ‘Lessons Learnt’ sessions captures, documents and communicates these lessons, and have measurement protocols in place to prevent or minimize issues in the future
  • Best Practices: SP Sysnet employs industry best practices (ITIL, COBIT etc) wherever applicable
  • Risk &Reward based SLA: We understand you are taking a risk. We understand your concerns. In order to alleviate your concerns, we are open to Risk Vs Reward based SLA terms
  • Progressive Savings: Our support service are fine tuned to offer gradual reduction in support issues by means of service automation, that leads to reduction in support personnel over a period of time. Yes, we disrupt our own business, but that’s the best way we can serve you and seek for more opportunities to serve you



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