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Lease IT


You are a successful Small or Medium sized enterprise. Your products and services are in great demand, but you are unable to capitalize these opportunities due to the current manpower shortage in Singapore. You reckon technology can help automate your business processes and minimize the manpower needs.

But your current cash flow doesn’t allow you to procure technology products. Or, you want to deploy capital in other high priority projects with higher NPV returns. You are in a catch-22 situation now, waiting for cash flow to improve and your cash flow can be improved only if you find more manpower. So, how to resolve this dead-lock?

Enter SP Sysnet’s Procure with Grant or Lease or Go Cloud model.

* If you are eligible for Singapore Government Grants, then SP Sysnet can help procure technology products and services for you and get it reimbursed.

* If you have strategically decided to pursue Cloud based solutions, then SP Sysnet can help you make the right cloud purchase.

However, if you still want to procure technology products yet cannot avail Singapore Government grant, then SP Sysnet offers you a few IT Leasing choices:

  • Vendor Financing: SP Sysnet has established strong relationship with various top technology equipment manufacturers and distributors around the world, and can negotiate on your behalf for the vendor to finance your procurement for a very nominal interest
  • 3rd Party Financing: SP Sysnet has partnered with established financial service providers in Singapore to help you lease IT products and services for a nominal interest paid monthly or quarterly
  • SP Sysnet Financing: Instead of leasing from financial service providers, SP SysNet can lease the equipments on your behalf and offer end-end IT procurement, service and support for a monthly fee



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