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Adopt Cloud

Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Mobile technologies influence the front-end computing of an organization,
And, Cloud technologies influence the back-end computing of an organization.

How does your organization view these emerging trends? Do you intend to adopt them to enable faster business growth?

A recent survey by TechTarget conveys,

  • 73% respondents said cost-efficiency as one of the top benefits of Cloud
  • 65% respondents said cloud meets their business needs

So, its clear cloud is a mainstream technology and offers great results to organizations of all sizes. Yes, there are security concerns, integration challenges, no established processes and guidelines yet, but cloud is growing faster and thus evolving in all aspects. The key question is can you extract value out of it in its current state without compromising on important aspects of your business?


SP Sysnet is an Infrastructure service provider; cloud is essentially an Infrastructure too; so, we understand the cloud very well; we use cloud for our own needs too.

If you are just sitting on the fence and haven’t yet started to experiment with cloud, SP Sysnet with its past experience recommends you the following fail-safe approach:

  • Assess: You need to assess your IT landscape and develop hypotheses to adopt cloud
  • Validate: Develop test scenarios and pilot projects to validate your hypotheses by expending least possible time, capital and manpower
  • Initiate: Convert validated hypothesis into programs (multiple projects). Each project should be planned, resources allocated and appropriate KPIs devised to measure business outcome

Cloud enablement typically involves 2 strategies,

  • Move a piece or all of your Infrastructure into cloud
  • Or, Build cloud exclusively for new products & services

And, clouds can be,

  • Public
  • Private
  • Hybrid

If you are an SME, it is possible to “live fully” in the cloud, instead of procuring, installing and maintaining your Infrastructure in-house. If you are a large enterprise, we can help you with pilot projects for cloud viability and develop cloud migration plan and execute on the same.
There is significant value to be extracted out of cloud. Organizations that are early can develop that extra edge over its competitors. Talk to Cloud Infrastructure specialists first and get your foundation right. Without which you will end up with numerous apps sitting on discrete systems with little interoperability and greater security risks.



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