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The following are the typical business IT challenges that SP Sysnet addresses with excellent ROI.



New Office IT Setup

  Scenario 1: You want to enter a new geographical market. You identified your office location. You paid the lease. Now you want to setup your Office IT Infrastructure,....
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Disaster Recovery

  New York Twin tower blast, Japan Tsunami, Earthquakes, Wars, Civil unrest, fire, flood, pandemic, strikes – these are some of the ‘known’ disasters that can possibly strike us.....
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optimize infrastructure cost

Reduce TCO

  If your business goal is increased profitability, then reducing TCO must be a high priority business case. It’s about ‘Optimizing’ cost, and doing ‘more’ with ‘less’. If your....
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Low Latency, High Throughput Solution

Reduce Latency

  How do traders make money? They buy low and sell high. They spot temporary imbalance between supply and demand and take positions. Simple isn’t? Due to the availability....
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Mobility Solution

Go Mobile

  Forrester research predicts that by end of 2013, smartphone penetration in North America will be 57%, followed by Europe with 42% and APAC with 21%.   Mobile technologies....
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Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Adopt Cloud

  Mobile technologies influence the front-end computing of an organization, And, Cloud technologies influence the back-end computing of an organization.   How does your organization view these emerging trends?....
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Managed IT Services

Outsource Infrastructure Mgmt

As a business starts to grow to become mid and large size, it’s IT Infrastructure starts to get complicated. Then the management will have to strategically decide if it’s....
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IT Supplier

Procure IT Products

IDC’s business value research report says, By upgrading Servers, Storage and Networking equipments, IT downtime can be reduced by as high as 50% But, how do you come to....
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IT Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Buying cutting edge products is one; operating them to extract best value is another. Experts can help extract the best value for you. In a typical technology stack found....
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Lease IT

  You are a successful Small or Medium sized enterprise. Your products and services are in great demand, but you are unable to capitalize these opportunities due to the....
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IT Solution Provider

Database Services

Scenario 1: You want to deploy a complex, mission critical database system that will be clustered, load-balanced with fail-over, and performance fine-tuned, and thus would like to engage experienced....
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