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Why SP Sysnet


Why work with us ? In our opinion, it is our longevity in business after having witnessed the ups and downs in the last 10 years and coming out unscathed. And in this process, we believe we have developed the right combination of skill and attitude to serve our customers in their best interest. This enabled us to retain over 90% of our customers with the support of our people. We never advertised much, and we acquired pretty much most of our customers via Word Of Mouth referral by our satisfied customers.

Back in 2004 when SP Sysnet was founded, we began to offer IT hardware procurement services to our customers. We still do that and it’s a significant part of our business. We then moved up the value chain to offer hardware related consulting services, then services related to network, security, data center, server, office IT asset management, helpdesk and finally to where we are now, a one stop, end-to-end IT Infrastructure Solutions Provider. We haven’t diversified into too many unrelated areas but focused on just one i.e., IT Infrastructure. This unwavering focus has helped us to continually upgrade our IT Infrastructure capabilities and offer excellent service to our customers.

Recently, there has been a huge explosion of social, mobile, cloud and big data technologies, and this is only going to make your Infrastructure more complex than ever. And, if you have to remain competitive, you cannot be sitting on the fence but adopt and optimize to accelerate your business growth.

With Singapore being the business hub connecting the oriental with occidental, with close proximity to major economies such as China and India, and with the whole of APAC region poised for stronger growth in the decade ahead, SP Sysnet is in an ideal position to add value to everyone involved in the ecosystem.

If you are an IT Infrastructure hardware vendor or distributor, want to test the markets or grow market share in the booming APAC region, SP SysNet can help. We are working with vendors like you for nearly 10 years with excellent track record, and have already built strong relationship with customers that you may want to reach out to.

If you are a fresh grad with IT/Business major or an experienced IT professional, want to develop your IT career in a growth oriented company in a super fun filled atmosphere, we want to hear from you. We are small; we pay close attention to everyone’s needs and aspirations; you get to learn the business from the inside out; we are not too heavy on process that cribs creativity; you can explore various organizational functions to find your best career fit than get siloed into one career track. Join us and develop your edge, and teach us something that we don’t know yet.

So, if you are considering a relationship with SP Sysnet, be it as a Customer, Partner or member of our team, I invite you to get to know more about us, our work, customers, partners and talents that we are currently looking out for.

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Siva Prasad
Founder & Director