Disclaimer: The SPS office is closed for walk-in enquiries until further notice, in view of the stricter safe-distancing measures. Should you urgently require to meet our team, please write to brian.l@spsysnet.com to make an appointment.


Our leadership strategy is this: Focus on building the right platform and culture in the organization that will attract exceptional people who learn, share, and grow into remarkable beings; And we believe, everything else such as customer service and revenue growth is a by-product of it.



Siva Prasad K

Chief Executive Officer

Siva started SP Sysnet in 2004 and has been leading the company ever since with a solid track record of customer and sales growth. He provides strategic direction to the company with a specific focus on Service Operations & Delivery. Prior to founding SP Sysnet, he spent several years designing and implementing IT solutions for clients all over the world.


Radhika Rani K

Chief Financial Officer

Radhika has over 20 yrs of experience in Finance & Accounts by consulting for SMEs and Large Enterprises in the APAC region. She is responsible for annual financial planning & budgeting, everyday financial operations, Government and Legal functions. She ensures the company is financially healthy.