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Strategic Partners


“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill bit, but want a quarter inch hole”Harvard Professor Theodore Levitt

You have a great product but, you need someone who can take your product and offer compelling solution around it to the customer to truly demonstrate how great your product is.

SP Sysnet can be that someone. We understand the entire technology stack; we understand the SME and Enterprise markets in this region; we know the early adopters, the mainstreams and laggards in your target markets; we know who should be your marquee customer to help cross the chasm to mainstream markets; we have deep insights on the right way to approach them, their purchasing processes and preferences to see through a deal. Because, we are one level closer to the market than you.

We not only help generate greater market share for you, but bubble up deep intelligence from the front-line back to your Product Management team for faster decision making and help you outgrow your competitors. We would love to work not just with your Channel Managers but with Product Managers too, to deeply understand your product vision and accordingly educate ourselves and your target markets. Imagine going to your target market with an untested product? To avoid it, we can creatively collaborate in your NPD initiatives to help iterate faster to reach ‘product-market fit’ based on our hands-on market feedback than go to the market with an untested product.

So, we can help you to,

  • Open up new, recurring revenue streams, and
  • Keep your clients extremely happy to come back to you for more

Your ideal profile could be,

An IT Infrastructure Manufacturer / Distributor who want to grow market share in this part of the world. You sell computing, storage devices, network equipments, telephony and security products, and want to either test out the Asia Pacific market or want to go aggressive with your Go-To Market strategies
A Software solution provider who need a reliable and knowledgeable back-end Infrastructure partner for your software projects. If you build large scale mission critical applications, then you need an Infrastructure partner who is knowledgeable in the areas such as Infrastructure capacity planning, system, server, network and security architectures and be reliable to ensure the success of the project and your client
An Agency that provides Business Services, Accounting & payroll services, Real-estate/facilities/interiors services, Marketing & Advertising services. We grow revenues together by cross-selling products & services to our respective clients. Technology is an enabler for any business, so if we put our creative brains together, there can be innovative ways to serve our customers better
A High-Tech Startup based anywhere in the world, have a market validated, innovative product in the areas like Big Data, Analytics, BI and Cloud. You want to scale-up without giving away much of equity, then we are ready to help. We build, operate and manage the complete Infrastructure on top of which you innovate. You make full use of our Marketing and Sales force, existing base of customers and partners to grow aggressively. Btw, we are Entrepreneurs too !

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